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View of Indonesia
A large population, and the benefits of serving a large population, are the primary reasons this university has established a Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya, Indonesia, are the primary reasons this university has established a Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya, Indonesia. Indonesia has approximately 260 million inhabitants making it the 4th most populous country in the world ,yet a mere 3.4% of the population have a university degree, thus there is a great educational-market potential. Taiwan and Indonesia are closely linked by trade as it is Taiwan’s 13th largest trade partner, 9th largest importer, and 15th largest export market. The Indonesian government is very friendly to Taiwan and lists Taiwan as one of four recommended countries for publicly funded students to study abroad. There are currently (2016) 4,300 Indonesian students studying in Taiwan; making it the 5th largest group of international students in Taiwan. There are approximately 12 million Indonesian-Chinese in Indonesia, accounting for 5% of the population and in recent years the trend of learning Mandarin has increased, making it an important niche for the export of Taiwan’s higher education. Many domestic universities assist the Indonesian government in training public officials and others in infrastructure and technology. Consequently the Indonesian government has established great working relationships and models with many Taiwanese universities.

Indonesia’s Climate:
Surabaya, in Indonesia, has a hot, summer-like tropical equatorial ocean climate year-round. Temperatures range between 24 to 34 Celsius with an abundance of rain. The region is affected by Asian and Pacific air currents from October to March, which is Indonesia’s rainy season. April to October is the hot, dry season, with little rainfall due to effect of the continental airflow from Australia.