Chienkuo Technology University 建國科技大學

學校簡介 About Us

◎ History

  • October 1965: Founded as Chienkuo Junior Commercial College
  • May 1974: Renamed to Chienkuo Industrial Junior College
  • November 1991: Renamed to Chienkuo Industrial and Commercial College
  • August 1999: Promoted to Chienkuo Institute of Technology
  • August 2004: Renamed to Chiekuo Technology University

◎ Location

  • Chienkuo Technology University (CTU) is located in the center of Taiwan where the weather is mild and comfortable all the year round. The ideal location also makes it easy and convenient for students to travel islandwide. The campus is within easy access to public transportation facilities, such as train station, high speed railway station, bus stations and public bike rental stations.

◎ Number of Student

  • Total : 7,000
  • Foreign students : 230 (degree + exchange)

◎ Introduction

  • Educational goals: To create a school that achieves the idea of becoming a university characterized by professionalism in teaching. In the long run, CTU aims to become an outstanding university of technology.
  • Faculty: 191 faculty members. Among the faculty members, about 81% hold doctoral degrees.
  • Research and Development: CTU has a wide range of collaboration with corporations in Engineering, Management, Design and Liberal Arts in the 17 industrial areas within 50 KM from campus. CTU offers rapid prototyping and tooling services to nearby industries through the Office of Research and Development with business incubation and intellectual property protection also within its scope of services.
  • Outstanding Achievement: CTU has won Ministry of Education’s Teaching Excellence Project for 9 years, grants totaling US$11,000,000. Also CTU is one of the only 26 universities of technology to be exempted from the Ministry of Education’s evaluation.
  • International cooperation: Cooperation agreements are signed with more than 140 universities in 15 countries and areas (the US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Mainland China). Recruitment of international students began in 2006.
  • CTU video

系所介紹 Academics

◎ Academic Programs & Language of Instruction

(Chinese is the main language of instruction with English as a supporting language)

【College of Engineering】              

  • Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  • Graduate Institute of Mechatronoptic Systems
  • Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering
  • Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Reduction Engineering


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering★
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Advanced Vehicle Group Section
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Electronic Engineering★
  • Department of Automation Engineering★
  • Department of Civil Engineering,

★Industry-Academia Collaboration Program will be opened for the students from New Southbound countries

The priority for Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines


【College of Management】

  • Graduate Institute of Services and Technology Management
  • Department of International Business Administration
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Marketing and Service Management



【College of Living Technology】

  • Graduate Institute of Beauty Technology
  • Department of Beauty Science
  • Department of Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies
  • Department of Tourism
  • Department of Applied Foreign Languages

【College of Design】

  • Postgraduate Program of Creative Design
  • Department of Visual Communication Design
    1. Commercial Design Section
    2. Digital Media Design Section
  • Department of Spatial Design
  • Department of Creative Product and Game Design

收費標準 Fees

◎ Tuition fees for academic year



/Graduate School

學費明細Payment Detail (NTD per semester)



Tuition & Miscellaneous Fee


Other Charge

Accommodation Fees (4-bed room)



Freshman only
1st to 2nd semester


















From 3rd semester















Tuition fees :

According to the Regulations of the scholarship for international students of CTU.


Dormitory Type

No. of Beds

Room Type

Fee/Academic Year (USD)

Male Dormitory


2, 4 or 6 borders/room

  1. 2 borders/room by campus about $1,380
  2. 4 borders/room on campus about $960
  3. 6 borders/room on campus about $660

*Water/Electricity will be charged separately according to consumption.

Female Dormitory


2, 4 or 6 borders/room

◎ Facilities

convenient store


swimming pool

◎ Exchange Study Program

Students of CTU partner universities may apply for 1 semester or 1 year program and are provided with free Chinese language courses in addition to their professional study subjects.

◎ Chinese Language Center


Period of Study

Total hours

Tuition & Registration Fee

Spring Program

4 months

About 150 hours

About $900

Fall Program


聯絡方式 Contact Us

◎ Office of International Affairs

Contact Information :

Address: No.1, Chieh Shou North Road, 50094 Changhua City, Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-7111111 ext.1720~1729

Fax: +886-4-7116382



Director / Head

Ying-Fen Hsia


Deputy Dean

Octavia Wu

Mobile Phone: +886-921-094860

WeChat/Line: octaviawu


Project Manager

Suzanne Liao

Mobile Phone: +886-47111111 ext.1730

WeChat: liaosuzanne


Line: suzanne1214

College of Engineering


Associate Professor / Dean

Mobile Phone: +886-47111111


College of Management


Professor / Dean

Mobile Phone: +886-47111111#3690


College of Design


Associate Professor / Dean

Mobile Phone: +886-47111111#2240


College of Living Technology


Professor / Dean

Mobile Phone: +886-47111111#2650