CTBC Business School 中信金融管理學院


學校簡介 About Us

CTBC Business School was founded by CTBC Financial Holding in 2015, and is recognized as one of the most internationalized and established banking groups in Taiwan. The School offers practical training and educational development, for both local and internationally recruited students. This is accomplished through undergraduate and postgraduate programs, internship, and employment referral opportunity to CTBC Financial Holdings. The primary objective for CTBC Business School is to foster local and global financial experts and talent that will contribute significant value for the financial sector. We currently have international students from Canada, Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan which are part of our student body.

CTBC Business School is uniquely positioned as a scaled boutique business school. We extend invitation and warmly welcome international students to participate in our professional courses, and experience the amazing culture of Taiwan. We are proud of our campus facilities, student support systems and our faculty body, which also encompasses Industry Leaders and international Professors. We offer two full English-track degree programs - BBA and MBA with innovative curriculums that integrate business, finance, and technology. Additionally, our school also offer exclusive scholarship programs, support and services that are specifically available to new and incoming International Students.

Career Support

Free Mandarin courses

Mandarin proficiency is important for international students to fully immerse in Taiwan’s culture and interact with the people. In addition, it brings career advantage if foreign students wish to stay and work in Taiwan after graduation. We offer a series of free Mandarin courses and assist our international students to pass Mandarin proficiency certificates.

Remunerated summer internship programs

Qualified students will be offered the opportunity to engage in a Summer Internship Program and will be recommended to our corporate partner, CTBC Bank. This practical involvement provides a real experience of working in a global banking institution and setting. This internship not only offers remuneration, it also includes potential career development and engagement for students planning to work in Taiwan after graduation. This is further augmented through professional networking and advancing professional expertise.

Post-graduation work referral and recommendations

CTBC Bank has 152 branches nationwide, and has the most extensive international presence of any Taiwanese bank, with 116 overseas branches across 14 countries and regions. The Bank has laid a strong foundation for regional businesses in countries that include Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Japan. Through collaborations with industrial partners, our international graduates may receive the opportunity of first-hand career referrals to embark on their careers by joining CTBC Bank.

系所介紹 Academics


  • Department of Banking and Finance (Full English-Track is also available)
  • Department of Business Administration (Full English-Track is also available)
  • Department of Financial Law
  • Department of Artificial Intelligence
  • College of Financial Management (Full English-Track is also available)

This four-year BBA program offers two concentrations which are taught exclusively in English – International Finance, and Financial Services Marketing. The program is designed for students who have the ambition of developing professional careers incorporating a unique 360-degree business perspective and distinctive expertise.



  • Graduate School of Financial Management (MBA)
  • Graduate School of Technology in Finance (MSs)
  • Graduate School of Legal Studies (LL.M)

收費標準 Fees

The following estimated expenses are reference for one semester.

Tuitions and Fees


Amount (TW$)


45,445 (≒US$1,515)


50,000 (≒US$1,667)

Accommodation (On-campus Dormitory)

Room Type

Amount (TW$)


18,000 (≒US$600)


9,000 (≒US$300)

Dining Plan

The cost of on-campus dining services is TW$16,000 (≒US$533) per semester. The student cafeteria opens on Monday to Thursday during designated services period. Students can purchase meals at Dolphin Mall on Friday.

獎學金 Scholarships

All international students are eligible to apply to our scholarship program which covers tuition wavier, on-campus accommodation, and dining plan. The scholarship evaluation encompasses an assessment of students grades or merit, as well as admission review.

Recipients are required to participate in activities on and off campus such as partaking in the English Teaching Assistant program, language exchange programs, cultural seminars, filming videos, student recruitment support etc. to accumulate hourly participation to waive tuition and expenses. Students can also fulfill obligations through project-based accomplishment such as foreign language and document support, tech support, new students’ referrals.

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Office of International Affairs

  • Email: iaa@office.ctbc.edu.tw
  • Phone: +886-6-287-3335 ext.2668 / Ms. Grace Yang
  • Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday
  • FB: CTBC International Affairs