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學校簡介 About Us

"Seek for Truth; Toil for Good" is NCKU’s motto, and the school features a very down-to-earth academic climate conducive to steadfast pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Today the school comprises ten colleges: Engineering, Management, Liberal Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Planning and Design, Bioscience and Biotechnology, and Miin Wu School of Computing, with 44 departments, 38 independent institutes, and 17 degree programs.

The colleges are located across 8 of 11 campuses near city central, while the Kuei-Jen, An-Nan and Dou-Liu outskirt campuses are home to respectively the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory, and NCKU Hospital Dou-Liou Branch, making the school the most academically comprehensive research university in Taiwan. NCKU is currently accommodating around 2,000 international students spanning 5 continents and 67 countries enrolled in degree-seeking programs.


系所介紹 Academics

At present, NCKU consists of 10 colleges, 44 departments, 37 independent departments, 17 degree programs, offers 46 bachelor’s, 112 Master’s and 60 PhD degree programs. NCKU's programs cover a wide array of disciplines across medicine, engineering, arts, and the humanities, with around 300 international programs made available for selection.

NCKU comprises ten colleges and featured programs:


  1. International Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Degree Program on Energy:
  1. The International Curriculum for Advanced Materials Program (iCAMP):
  1. Department of Nursing:
  1. Master of The International Institute of Medical Device Innovation (MDI):
  1. Department of Biotechnology and Bioindustry Science:

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收費標準 Fees

Tuition Fees

(Per Semester)

Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees (varies)

International Students

Overseas Chinese Students

Undergraduate programs

USD 1,502 - 2,396

USD 839 – 1,315



USD 1,140 - 1,467

USD 380 – 489

Credit Fee:

USD 80/ per credit

Credit Fee:

USD 53-166/ per credit

Dormitory Fees

  • Prince House (per month)

Single Room: NTD 6,900 (USD 230)

Twin Room: NTD 4,100 (USD 136)


  • General Dorm (per semester)

2-4 Person Room: NTD 7,060 - 16,590 (USD 235 - 553)

More information, please refer:


Overseas Chinese: &


獎學金 Scholarships

■ International Students

  • Veritas et Conscientia Scholarship (VCS)

  1. Eligibility: Full-time Ph.D. students in years 1–4 of their program

  2. Recipients will receive a monthly stipend of NTD 30,000 (USD1,000), which includes NTD 22,000 from the university and NTD 8,000 from the recipients' advisors; and the waiver of tuition fees, course credit fees, and the basic fee rate for on-campus accommodations.

  3. Potential recipients are to be nominated by each department/college, which will be followed by a committee review to select award recipients. Nominees do not need to submit any application documents for this scholarship.

  • NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship

The NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarship is classified into the following two categories:

  1. For Undergraduate:

  • Top 20% will each receive NTD 15,000 (USD 500) per month.

  • Top 20.01%-40% will each receive NTD 10,000 (USD 333) per month.

  • Accepted students will receive the waiver of the basic rate for on-campus accommodation fee (note: a scholarship recipient who chooses not to live in an on-campus will not receive any payment for the waiver of accommodation fee.)

  1. For Graduate: 

  • Department committee shall review application and select awardees.

  • Recipients may receive:

  1. A monthly stipend for Master’s program recipient is up to NTD 8,000 (USD 266), and PhD program recipient is up to NTD15,000 (USD 500).

  2. Tuition fee grants.

How to apply: The University International Student Admissions Committee will review the application documents to evaluate the scholarship content for the first academic year. Applicants do not need to submit any additional application documents for this scholarship, and the award information will be mailed along with the admission letter.

For the continuing academic years, the students have to apply again.


  1. Students with an employment status on their ARC or a work visa are not eligible to receive any of the above scholarships.
  2. Recipients who defer admission will be disqualified from the granted scholarship.


■ Overseas Chinese Students

  • NCKU OCS Scholarship

  1. Distinguished Overseas Chinese Scholarship

    1. →Top 15% in class: Tuition and miscellaneous fees exemption
    2. →Top 30% in class: Tuition fees exemption
    3. →Top 50% in class: Subsidized school accommodation fee

※ Freshmen can get the subsidization of the minimum accommodation fee for the first semester

  • NCKU Faculty or Alumni Scholarships

  • Ministry of Education

    • Distinguished Overseas Chinese Students Scholarships (Undergraduate/ Master)

    • Under Poverty-line OCS Scholarship grant

  • Overseas Community Affairs Council

    • Excellent enrolled students scholarship

    • Graduating students scholarship

  • Overseas Chinese Association OCS Scholarship

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