2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

Shu-Te University 樹德科技大學


學校簡介 About Us

  • Establishment: 1997
  • Student numbers: about 11000
  • International Student numbers: over 600 from more than 10 countries
  • Academics: 4 Colleges; 23 Departments; 9 Master Programs; 1 Ph.D. Program


Airport:Kaohsiung International Airport⇔STU 30 min.

High Speed Rail:Zuoying⇔STU 20 min.

Subway:Zuoying(R16) ⇔STU 20 min / Metropolitan Park (R21) ⇔STU 15 min.

Train:Nanzi Station⇔STU 15 min.

Bus:No. E03、No. E04、No. 7、No. 97

We provided free pick up service. (Most international students will arrive by international flights to Taoyuan International airport and will need to take the high speed rail to Zuoying Kaohsiung.)

Support for International Students:

  1. Orientation Assistance of New Coming Student
  2. We provide detailed assistance for all new incoming students in navigating the admissions, financial aid, and class registration processes. In addition a one week orientation on living at Shu-Te University is provided, teaching students about university policies, procedures Taiwan cultural practices, and living in Kaohsiung.
  3. All non-Chinese speaking international students are automatically entered into a 1+3 program. All first year students will study intensive Chinese their first year followed by three years of study in their major degree discipline. Learning Chinese is your competitive advantage.
  4. Special teaching assistants will be provided to all international students to help them with language or course work problems that they may encounter. Taiwan students with excellent English proficiency will be paired to international students to help them achieve success in their studies.

Shu-Te University is working with more than 60 universities around THE WORLD on academic and cooperative programs including:

  • Exchange student programs.
  • Overseas research projects
  • Overseas workshop projects

系所介紹 Academics

收費標準 Fees

Fees per semester (4.5 months)

The actual fees are paid in TWD. Currency exchange rates will apply to foreign currency. (Exchange rate date: 2016.03.07)







  1. College of Informatics
  2. College of Design
  3. Child Care and Family Studies
  1. College of Management
  2. College of Social Science















Insurance Fees





Incidental fees





Estimated expenses per semester





  1. Students purchase their own food at campus cafeteria.
  2. Housing Fee is excluded the stay during summer & winter vacation
  3. Incidental fees: work permit application fee, ARC application fee, internet fees, AC fees
  4. 1 school year with 2 semesters


Application Form Download:


獎學金 Scholarships

We, Shu-Te University, do provide scholarship for foreign students for their 1st year at Shu-Te University, the application needs the recommendation letter from your former education institute's principal or teachers, yearly transcripts, portfolio and fulfill the application form for scholarship. Once application is approved by committee, students need to contribute 72 hours campus service hours. (36 hours per semester)

For the following second year, if you would like to apply for this 50% tuition fee waiver scholarship you will need to meet the following requirement:

  1. complete the online application for scholarship
  2. your academic average scores must be 80 (or above)
  3. your conduct score must be 80 (or above)
  4. complete the 36 campus service hours


Application required documents  

The followings are the application related documents:

Two completed application form with 2-inch size photo

  1. Passport or ID card
  2. A photocopy of original diploma and a translation(if the original copy isn't English version) one 
  3. A photocopy of original transcripts and a translation (if the original copy is not English version) one
  4. Study proposal (including autobiography and study plan)

 And here are the optional items: 

  1. Language proficiency certificate
  2. Other supplemental documents

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Web: https://www.oica.stu.edu.tw/en/foreign-students/

Tel: +886-7-6158000 ext.1610, 1603, 1606

Email: oica@stu.edu.tw

STU Video: https://youtu.be/8gMBlmbDn9I

STU Photo: http://photo.stu.edu.tw/