2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology 慈濟學校財團法人慈濟科技大學


學校簡介 About Us

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology is dedicated to achieving the holistic goal of education, which is to nurture professionals who are equipped with technical knowledge and skills and at the same time, humanistic dispositions. The University stresses the importance of life and moral education. The curriculum design focuses on shaping the students such that they possess both professional knowledge as well as the unique Tzu Chi humanistic characteristic. Both theoretical and practical, and functional approaches are the emphasis in the curriculum design.

Founded in 1989, Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology currently comprises of five disciplinary programs for the undergraduate, i.e., a Two, Four or Five-year College of Nursing, Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Department of Health Administration, Department of Marketing and Distribution Management and Department of Information Technology and Management respectively. Also, it offers the postgraduate program at the Graduate Institute of Long-term Care, Institute of Radiological Sciences, Department of Nursing Master’s Program and Department of Information Technology and Management Master's program.

For more than thirty years since its establishment, the University is widely recognized by the community for excelling in both teaching and school management. For that, it was awarded several funds and awards and from the Ministry of Education (MOE). Besides, the University is accredited by the MOE for its outstanding performance in the items of governance and management as well as for the professional programs, in both the school and department levels.

In the year 2020, the University breaks into the Top 5 for the “The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings” among higher education institutions in Taiwan. In 2021, it received a subsidy of NT dollar 48.23 million from the Higher Education Deep Plowing Project. In recent years, the University actively promotes research, cooperation with the industry to improve the teaching quality and thus won several invention awards internationally.

系所介紹 Academics

■College of Nursing

  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences
  • Department of Long-Term Care
  • Department of Nursing (Master’s Program)
  • Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences (Master’s Program)
  • Graduate Institute of Long-term Care

■College of Health Technology and Management

  • Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
  • Department of Information Technology and Management
  • Department of Health Administration

收費標準 Fees

Tuition and Miscellaneous fees:

  • about IDR 19,631,579/semester

Dormitory fees:

  • Male-about IDR 2,850,877/semester
  • Female-about IDR 2,192,982/semester

Student insurance:

  • about IDR 164,474/semester

Computer and Internet access:

  • about IDR 447,368/semester


  • Breakfast about IDR 15,351, Lunch about IDR 23,246, Dinner about IDR 23,246

Living expenses:

  • about IDR 1,315,789~2,192,982/month


  • Male-about IDR 3,407,895/person
  • Female-about IDR 4,929,825/person


  • about IDR 1,315,789~2,192,982/semester


  • about IDR 438,596/year

International student medical insurance:

  • about IDR 2,173,684/semester

獎學金 Scholarships

(1) New International Student Scholarships

  1. Scholarships benefits may include waiver of tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses, free on-campus accommodation, free school meals, during academic year (excluding winter and summer holiday).
  2. A monthly stipend of up to IDR 2,192,982 per month for a maximum of nine months per year.


(2) Student Emergency Allowance

  1. Students who encounter emergencies and fulfill the application criteria may apply. 


(3) Tzu Chi Foundation Scholarships

  1. The awardees / eligible applicants will gain a full tuition and fees waiver. 
  2. Free on-campus accommodation and free meals in the school restaurant.
  3. Monthly stipend of IDR 1,315,789~2,192,982.


(4) Scholarships for Academic Excellence

  1. For every semester, the top 10% exemplary students in the class are selected to receive the scholarship of IDR 8,771,930 based on their outstanding academic achievement.
  2. The top student in the class will be granted free on-campus accommodation and free school meals. 

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Address: 880, Sec.2,Chien-Kuo Rd., Hualien 970302,Taiwan,R.O.C.

Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 13:20-17:20, Monday to Friday

Tel: +886-3-8572158 ext.2479, 2582

E-mail: ss444@ems.tcust.edu.tw, ibie00@ems.tcust.edu.tw

Reference URL: https://ib.tcust.edu.tw/p/412-1012-3499.php