2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

National Kaohsiung Normal University 國立高雄師範大學

學校簡介 About Us

National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) was formerly called Kaohsiung Women's College of Education, founded in 1954. In 1967, in coping with the Nation's nine-year compulsory education policy to train secondary high school teachers, Taiwan Provincial Kaohsiung Teachers College was established.
In recent years, NKNU has modified from the teacher-training based educational university into the whole-person developed, high-quality trained, and well-delicated multidimensional university.
NKNU so far has over 800 working staff members. Moreover, NKNU has an outstanding teaching staff, among the professors at school, 97% of them have a Ph.D. degree. Thus, NKNU is, indeed, the most renowned and prestigious university in southern Taiwan.
In order to strengthen both teacher education and non-teacher education, NKNU aims to develop interdisciplinary research and teaching among departments, graduate institutions, and colleges. Furthermore, in order to fulfill the vision of international interaction and cooperation, NKNU is eager to utilize network resources of industry, academy, research, and teaching to provide build up the five colleges with multiple, modern trends. NKNU has implemented the programs of Cultural and Educational Business Management, Elderly Services Business, Electrical and Optoelectronics Technology, Software Engineering and Management, Elite Multilingual Teaching, Green Energy and Biotechnology, Aesthetics of Community Health, Counseling and Recovery, Digital Creative Design, etc. to cultivate students in an all-round way to work for the industrial circles. Right now, NKNU has successfully transformed into a double-cored, exquisite university with both teacher education and non-teacher education.


系所介紹 Academics

■ College of Education (https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/col_edu) ■ College of Humanities (https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/col_hum) ■ College of Science (https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/col_sci) ■ College of Technology (https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/col_tech) ■ College of Arts (https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/col_arts)

收費標準 Fees

Tuition Per Semester Master’s/Doctorate Base Tuition NTD 26,400~33,000  (USD 923~1,154)
Graduate Credit Fees(Per Credit) NTD 3,000          (USD 105)
Bachelor NTD 45,700~53,200   (USD 1,598~1,860)
Dormitory Fees Per Semester NTD 6,000~11,000 (USD 210~385) (4~6 Persons/Room for undergraduate student)                                                         (1~2 Persons/Room for graduate student)

獎學金 Scholarships

Scholarship (per year)
NKNU offers scholarship to international students who do not receive other forms of scholarships.  
*This Scholarship is only applicable after enrollment.
*Announced every October. March
Doctorate NTD 48,000  (NTD 6,000 × 8 Month)
USD 1,680   (USD 210 × 8 Month)
Master’s NTD 48,000  (NTD 6,000 × 8 Month)
USD 1,680   (USD 210 × 8 Month)
Bachelor NTD 40,000  (NTD 5,000 × 8 Month)              
USD 1,400   (USD 175 × 8 Month)
  1. The foreign freshman who enrolls in NKNU has the priority to receive the scholarship in the first academic year.
  2. From the second year studying at NKNU, the applicant’s previous academic year average grade should be over 70 with a minimum of 8 credits earned for the undergraduate student and over 80 with a minimum of 4 credits earned for the graduate student. Ethics grade should be over 80 for both the undergraduate student and graduate student each semester. Neither of the above has received a written reprimand or severe penalty from NKNU as a result of misconduct.
  3. The period of the scholarship only lasts one academic year. The applicant should apply again every year. The scholarship/assistantship payment will be made by month, for fall semester is from September to December, spring semester is from March to June. Therefore the applicant receives eight months of scholarship payments.
  4. The maximum length for the undergraduate student is four academic years to receive the scholarship. The master program student has two academic years, and the doctor program student has three academic years to accept the scholarship.
  5. website https://oia.nknu.edu.tw/Page.aspx?PN=6&SN=8https://oia.nknu.edu.tw/en/Page.aspx?PN=3&PClass=0003

聯絡方式 Contact Us

National Kaohsiung Normal University
Office of International Affairs

Tel: +886-7-7172930 ext. 3956-57
E-mail: oia_students@nknu.edu.tw
Website: NKNU: https://w3.nknu.edu.tw/en/
Office of International Affairs http://oia.nknu.edu.tw/en/