2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

DaYeh University 大葉大學


學校簡介 About Us

Established in March, 1990, Da-Yeh University (DYU) is a German-style polytechnic university in Taiwan. There are 7 colleges in DYU, including College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Design and Arts, College of Foreign Languages, College of Biotechnology and Bioresources, College of Tourism and Hospitality, and College of Nursing and Health.

DYU will be your gateway to the world. Study in DYU, and you can pursue your academic achievements, explore Taiwanese culture, and learn Chinese. DYU provide students with scholarships and more. Please visit our website for more information (https://www.dyu.edu.tw/).

系所介紹 Academics

College of Engineering (https://ea.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
  • Department of Environmental Engineering (English Taught for Master Program)
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Bachelor Program for Fire and Safety Science
College of Management (http://mgt.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Business Administration (English Taught for Master Program)
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Accounting Information
  • Department of Finance
  • Ph.D. Program in Management
College of Design and Arts (http://designandarts.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Plastic Arts
  • Department of Industrial Design
  • Department of Architecture and Interior Design
  • Bachelor Program for Multimedia Digital Content
  • Department of Visual Communication Design
  • Department of Communications Arts
  • Graduate Program of Design and Arts College
  • Graduate School of Architecture
College of Foreign Languages (http://fl.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of English
  • Department of Applied Japanese Language
College of Biotechnology and Bioresources (http://sbb.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Biomedical Sciences
  • Department of Medicinal Botanicals and Health Applications
College of Tourism and Hospitality (http://cth.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Leisure and Recreation Management
  • Department of Tourism Travel Management
  • Department of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor Program in Baking and Beverage Modulation
College of Nursing and Health Sciences (http://sonhs.dyu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Optometry
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Department of Sport and Health Management
  • Master Program of Design and Materials for Medical Equipment and Devices

收費標準 Fees

Tuition Fees/ Semester US$ 1,654-2,026
Accommodation/ Academic year US$ 900-1,000
Living costs/ month US$ 203-270

獎學金 Scholarships

Application to DYU admission and DYU scholarships are combined together. Applicants needn’t submit other documents for scholarships. Currently, we have three classes for scholarships.

Class 1: Recipients are exempted from paying tuition and miscellaneous fees for one semester and awarded additional NT$ 40,000 (applicable to new Ph.D. students only).
Class 2: Recipients are exempted from paying tuition and miscellaneous fees for one semester (applicable to all new students)
Class 3: Recipients are exempted from paying half of tuition and miscellaneous fees for one semester. (applicable to all new students)

聯絡方式 Contact Us

International Affair Office, Da-Yeh University

Address: No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-4-8511888 ext. 1751

Fax: +886-4-8511007

E-mail: int.dyu@mail.dyu.edu.tw

Website: http://fa.dyu.edu.tw/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iao_dyu/