2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

Ming Chi University of Technology 明志科技大學


學校簡介 About Us

About MCUT (since 1963)

In the 1960s, among great industrial and economic developments in Taiwan, local industries were in need of mid-level professionals. Responding to such developmental need, Mr. Y. C. Wang, the founder of Formosa Plastics Group, donated funds to establish a university in December 1963 to help cultivate new talents.

Originally called ”Ming Chi School,” the University is located on a hillside in Kueizi Village in Taishan District, New Taipei City. The campus encompasses 62 hectares with vast green spaces and beautiful views. More than 200 years ago, during the reign of Emperor Chien long of the Ching Dynasty, “Ming Chi Academy” was founded by a Tributary Scholar, Mr. Cho-Yu Hu of Southern Fukien, and was located in the vicinity of the current University. Over two centuries ago, the area was known as an intellectual and cultural hub and was considered the cultural origin of northern Taiwan. The name “Ming Chi” was given to the current University to encourage the faculty members and students to learn from the virtuous elders and embrace the past heritage and vision as their own mission.

Due to its exceptional operational performances and the need for talented professionals to keep up with Taiwan’s economic development and industrial advancements, the application to turn the School into “Ming Chi Institute of Technology” was approved in 1999. The institute was deemed “Excellent” in the annual evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education for six consecutive years, and, as a result, the Institute was approved in 2004 to become “Ming Chi University of Technology.” The University is made up of Engineering, College of Environment and Resources, and College of Management and Design, offering a total of eleven Master’s degree programs and 10 different departments. All seven departments have received IEET EAC (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan, Engineering Accreditation Commission) certification since 2008. Starting in 2014, the Department of Industrial Design and the Department of Visual Communication Design were approved by the Design Accreditation Commission (DAC), while Information Security Management System (ISMS) has received ISO certification since 2009. Ming Chi’s physical education program was ranked first in Taiwan by MOE in 2010, and the University was also given the highest grade for “general military education & campus safety evaluation.” Recently, the Web of Science has stated that a number of Ming Chi faculty’s papers-per-author published in SCI and SSCI Journals ranked among the top in technological and vocational university/college categories.

In 2011, Ming Chi was chosen as the model school of Nationwide ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the following year successfully obtained ISO 14001 certification. In 2012, Germany's iF Concept Award ranked Ming Chi number 19 in the “universities” category. According to the 2012 MOE Evaluation of Colleges of Technology, all units of Ming Chi (including university affairs, administrative offices, three colleges, 10 departments and 11 graduate institutes) were given top ranks. In 2013, Ming Chi received the Energy Conservation Award from the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2014, the Medium Enterprise Administration honored the University as one of the best incubation centers. That same year, Tamkang university reported Ming Chi as first in academic research in the private college/university of technology category. The University has time and time again proven to be an excellent educational institution with a sense of tradition and outstanding operational performances.

Top 5 University of Science and Technology in taiwan


  • Excellent Learning Environment
  • High Employment Rate after Graduation
  • Professional Faculty & Staff
  • Scholarship for International Students
  • Advanced Teaching Facilities
  • Overseas Exchange Programs
  • Well-Equipped Dormitory
  • Cutting-Edge Research Equipment
  • Industrial Internship opportunities

系所介紹 Academics

College of Management and Design

College of Environment Resources

College of Engineering

Battery Research Center of Green Energy

Research Center

  • Battery Research Center of Green Energy
  • Center of Living Innovative Facilities for Elders
  • Organic Electronic Research Center
  • Research Center for Intelligent Medical Devices
  • Environmental Sustainability and Health Promotion Research Center
  • Center for Plasma and Thin Film Technologies
  • Chinese Traditional Medicinal Herbal Extraction and Purification Center
  • Research Center for Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • Research Center for Intelligent Real-time Operation System
  • Biochemical Technology R&D Center
  • Visual Design Service Center
  • Center on Reliability Engineering

收費標準 Fees


Around USD 1,850 / semester

On-Campus Housing

Around USD 330 / semester

On-Campus Dining

Around USD 400 / semester

Off-Campus Dining

Around USD 220 / month

獎學金 Scholarships

Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship Type

Scholarship Content

A                         (For Master and PhD Degree)

Tuition Fee Totally Waived

Free dorm on Campus (2-3 people /room)

Free Mandarin Evening courses

B                            (For Master and PhD Degree)

Tuition Fee 50% Waived

Dorm Fee (2-3 people /room) on Campus 50% Waived

Free Mandarin Evening courses

C                               (For Bachelor’s Degree)

Free Dining on Campus

Free dorm on Campus (4-6 people /room)

Free Mandarin Evening courses



  • Cafeteria
  • GYM
  • Dormitory
  • Stadium
  • Basketball and volleyball court
  • Swimming pool
  • Badminton court


How to Apply

  • Step 1:
  • Step 2:
    • Complete and upload all the required application procedures and documents on our website.
  • Note: The online application system opens from August for the Spring Semester and January for the Fall Semester.

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Office of International Affairs

Address: 84 Gungjuan Rd., Taishan Dist. New Taipei City 24301, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-2908-9899 ext.3015

E-mail: oia@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Website: https://www.mcut.edu.tw/index.php

Application Link: http://foreignadm.mcut.edu.tw/

OIA Facebook Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/MCUTOIA

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