2022-1 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 3月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

Longhua University of Science and Technology 龍華科技大學


學校簡介 About Us

1. Outstanding Performances:

  • Earned the Ministry of Education’s “Higher Education Sprout Project”. The grant reaches around 17 million NTD ( approx. 3.6 mil USD ), the highest grant for private Universities of Technology in Northern Taiwan.
  • Over 95% enrolment rate in 2021 ranks  No 1 of the comprehensive universities of technology in Taiwan.
  • Earned the Ministry of Education’s “Promoting Excellence in Teaching by Universities” Program 12 years in a row (2006-2017). The sum of grants reaches 20 million U.S. dollars, which is the highest amount in private universities in Northern Taiwan.
  • Selected in Top 20 “ Best University Development “ in Taiwan
  • Lunghwa has earned 108 gold, 93 silver and 73 bronze, and 28 special awards from International Invention Competitions from 2010 to 2019.
  • All five departments of Engineering College were accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) and the Technology Accreditation Commission TAC) of Institute Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET).
  • First place of the most favorite private Universities of Science and Technology by companies from the Survey issued by Cheers . Magazine
  • First place in the list of the most favorite private University of Science and Technology students by companies from the Survey issued by Foresight Magazine and 1111 industries
  • Ministry of Education's Higher Education Deepening Plan , Continue to receive NTD 129.43 million grants, ranking first in private universities of science and technology in Northern Taiwan!

2. School Features:

  • Established at 1969, Upgraded in 1998 , Rename at 2001 to Lunghwa University of  Science and Technology with MOE approval
  • Lunghwa is close to one of Taipei MRT stations (Huilong station) and there are over 10 bus lines in front of the campus. It takes only 30 minutes to the Taipei Main Railway Station and about 40 minutes to the Taoyuan International Airport.
  • Lunghwa has established academia-industry cooperation with many famous industries in Taiwan, such as TSMC, HTC. Global Transmission and Chinese Television System. Graduates from Lunghwa are generally complimented by their employers in industries or business companies.
  • Over 79% of Lunghwa’s full-time professors having Ph.D. degrees.
  • Lunghwa has already established 7 featured practical fields. Two of the featured practical fields are chosen by MOE as “Industry Elite Training and Demonstration Center”. A practical field at Lunghwa can be composed of centers, laboratories, or specific-purposed classrooms

Multiple functions for the practical fields in Lunghwa

  • Academia-industry cooperation projects
  • Technical service or counseling
  • Technology application research
  • Support teaching for interdisciplinary course programs
  • Support students to participate in international contests

Lunghwa 7 featured practical fields are

  1. 3D Digital PCB Design and Surface Mounted Technology Smart Manufacture Laboratory ,
  2. Mobile Communication (5G) Module Testing and Adjustment Industry Environment ,
  3. Deeply cultivate high-end processing technology and smart machinery production line field
  4. Cross-domain Smart IoT Innovation Practice Classroom Connecting Asia and Silicon Valley
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud Industry-University Application Demonstration Field
  6. Interactive Technology Technical Service Center
  7. Cultural, Creative and Fashion Talent Cultivation and Industry-University R&D Center

Smart Manufacturing Production Line Lab. (PCB &SMT)

Mobile Communication (5G) Module Testing and Adjustment Industry Environment

Digital content technology research and development center multifunctional activity experience classroom

系所介紹 Academics

收費標準 Fees

Tuition Fee

US $ 1,500 - 1,800


US $ 400 - 500


US $ 150

獎學金 Scholarships


  • Apply for all programs and from second semester
  • Decision for scholarship will be based on students grade of the previous semester
  • Master’s
  • 1st Rank: 100% TFW (at least 6 students above)
  • 2nd Rank: 50% TFW (at least 9 students above)
  • 3rd Rank: 25% TFW (at least 12 students above)


Top 5%: 100% TFW

Top 10%: 50% TFW

Top 20%: 25% TFW



TOEIC >= 600 or IELTS >= 5.0

Ranked within class Top 30%

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Center for International Affairs

Project Manager: Mr. Budi Wariadhana

Tel: +886-2-82093211 ext.2514

Office Hours: 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday

E-mail: bwusaha@gm.lhu.edu.tw

Website: http://www.lhu.edu.tw/