2022-2 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 10月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

元智大學 Yuan Ze University

學校簡介 About Us

Yuan Ze University is a private non-profit institution with strong industrial linkage, since it was founded by the Far Eastern Group, a big conglomerate of over 250 companies across 10 industries. YZU was the first university to win the National Quality Award for its educational quality in 2003, and it was chosen by the Ministry of Education in 2006 as one of the 12 top universities in Taiwan. As the first bilingual university in Taiwan, YZU offers English programs in all 5 colleges.

Currently Yuan Ze has five colleges including the Colleges of Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Electrical and Communications Engineering. There are over 9,000 students with a 2:1 ratio between undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Aimed at housing key research centers in Taiwan, our Fuel Cell Center and Communications Research Centers have integrated all resources and recruited talents in all engineering-related departments at Yuan Ze through support from the Top Universities Project. With the success of these two centers, Yuan Ze also places heavy focus on the promotion of overall teaching and research capacity. The College of Management has established the first EMBA program in Taiwan and all the courses in the Graduate School of Management are conducted in English to further connect our students to the international marketplace. The College of Informatics is the first college in Taiwan to adopt information as the core for its teaching and research. It emphasizes on practical experience with the integration between technology and social studies. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is working closely with our College of General Studies to promote teaching and research in humanities, general education, and ethics.

系所介紹 Academics

■ College of Engineering (https://en.cg.yzu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Department of Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Graduate School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering
  • International Program in Engineering for Bachelor
■ College of Electrical and Communication Engineering (https://www.en.yzu.edu.tw/)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering (Program A Electrical)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering (Program B Communications)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering (Program C Photonics)
  • International Program in Electrical & Communication Engineering for Bachelor
■ College of Informatics (https://www.ci.yzu.edu.tw/#/english)
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of Information Communication
  • Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics
  • International Bachelor Program in Informatics
■ College of Management(https://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/EN/Index.aspx )
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program
  • English Bachelor of Business Administration Program
  • Master of Business Administration Program
  • Master of Science in Finance & Accounting
  • Global Master of Business Administration Program
  • Doctor of Philosophy Program
■ College of Humanities and Social Sciences(https://www.hs.yzu.edu.tw/page-e-3-1.html)
  • Department of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics
  • Department of Chinese Linguistics & Literature
  • Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • Department of Art & Design
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Industries & Cultural Policy
  • International Program in Humanities & Social Sciences for Bachelor

收費標準 Fees

Tuition Fees (varies)/semester


Miscellaneous Fees/semester


Dormitory Fees/semester


獎學金 Scholarships

YZU Scholarship
Grants of Scholarship:
  • (20%-100%)Reimbursement of tuition and miscellaneous fee
  • Stipend (Graduate students only)
Application Requirements:
  • Incoming students: Applicants will be assessed by the reviewing committee based on the         documents submitted in the YZU online application system.
  • Present students:
  1. Undergraduate students: who have completed one semester of study and have taken the minimum number of credits per semester required by the University, with a conduct score of 80 or higher and an average academic grade of 65 or higher in the previous semester and ranks in 15%- 50% of the department or unit.
  2. Master: who have completed one semester of study, have taken at least six credits in each semester, have a conduct grade of 80 or higher, had an average academic grade of 75 or higher in the previous semester, and ranks in 40%-70% of the department or unit.
  3. Ph.D.: Students who have completed one semester of study, taken at least six credits each semester, and have a conduct grade of 80 or higher.

* Students in the Master's and PhD programs who do not meet the six-credit requirement during the dissertation writing period may apply with a recommendation letter from their advisor and a dissertation writing plan.

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Global Affairs Office

Tel: +886-3-4638800 ext.3288

Office Hours: 8:30-12:00, 13:10-17:10, Monday to Friday

E-mail: ming6022@saturn.yzu.edu.tw

Website: https://www.gao.yzu.edu.tw/en/

Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/yzugao/