2022-2 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 10月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

吳鳳學校財團法人吳鳳科技大學 WuFeng University


學校簡介 About Us

Top 1 private technology university in Taiwan 

WuFeng University is the first school which regards safety as its core value and cultivates professional skills, humanistic qualities, and international perspective of elite in this era. We emphasize research innovation along with social service and devotes to becoming the top 1 private technology university setting up the outstanding learning environment and the quality of instruction in vocational education system.

Mission:Save lives

We cultivate professional talents of each field who are able to form the conception of safety to fulfill the practical belief of vocational education. We also educate those about the innovation and problem solving skill, respecting the value of life, and caring about the meaning of life. These talents are expected to contribute to society, improve the group life, and make life more secure.


While implementing education, research, service, and other affairs, we always hold the positive attitude, pursue the excellence, and focus on the efficiency. In the aspect of personality education, we require all faculty and students possess the spirit of contribution and good character;In the aspect of professional field, we stress the cultivation of professional skill. We are pursuing Safety and Security First, Quality First, and Service First with values of excellence, efficiency, commitment, and integrity in order to build the basis for sustainable development and make school more competitive in the future.


Global, Diversity, Information Technology, Professional Development, and Community Service

系所介紹 Academics

We have 3 colleges: College of Safety and Engineering, College of Digital Entrepreneurship, and College of Medical and Health Science, which contain 15 departments. 

College of Safety and Engineering

  • Department of Fire Science
  • Department of Security Technology and Management
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship

College of Digital Entrepreneurship

  • Department of Applied Media
  • Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Department of Hospitality Management
  • Department of Applied Japanese 

College of Medical and Health Science

  • Department of Early Childhood Educare
  • Department of Leisure, Recreation and Sports Management 
  • Department of Fashion Styling and Design
  • Department of Long-term care

收費標準 Fees

Basic Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee:

  • 4-year program (industrial group: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire Science, Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship, Applied Media, and Long-term care)
    ※Tuition: NT$39,780
    ※Miscellaneous Fee: NT$14,350
    ※Computer usage fee: NT$850
    ※Internet access charge: NT$200
    ※Group Insurance Premium: NT$548
    ※Cleaning Service Fee: NT$280
    ※Accommodation Fee: NT$10,000
    NT$ 56,008 for non-boarders; NT$ 66,008 for boarders
  • 4-year program (business group: Marketing and Distribution Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism and Leisure Management, Security Technology and Management, Early Childhood Educare, Leisure, Recreation and Sports Management, Fashion Styling and Design)
    ※Tuition: NT$38,040
    ※Miscellaneous Fee: NT$9,180
    ※Computer usage fee: NT$850
    ※Internet access charge: NT$200
    ※Group Insurance Premium: NT$548
    ※Cleaning Service Fee: NT$280
    ※Accommodation Fee: NT$10,000
    NT$ 49,098 for non-boarders; NT$ 59,098 for boarders

Agency Fee:

  • Charge for the application for health insurance, residence permit, and work permit in the 1st to 3rd academic year.
    • Foreign Student Insurance, Health Insurance
      1st Semester:NT$3,000
      2nd& 3rd& 4th& 5th&6h Semester:NT$4,494
    • Residence Permit (per year), Work Permit (per semester)
      1st & 3rd & 5th Semester:NT$1,100
      2nd & 4th & 6h Semester:NT$100

獎學金 Scholarships

※Type, requirements, and contents of entrance scholarships are as follows:

  1. Scholarships: 
    To encourage elite students around the world to study at our school, we particularly establish “WFU Global Elite, WFU International Elite, International Honors College, Regular Scholarship” and so on. The requirements for application and contents will be adjusted in accordance with annual project.
  2. Regular 2
    • Requirements: Above 500 score on TOEFL Paper, or equivalent level of other International English Test, or A2 on TOCFL.
    • Contents: 
      Waiver of the 1st semester tuition and miscellaneous fees.
      1st semester dorm fee free.
    • Early Bird: 50%OFF for the 2nd semester dorm fee.
  3. Regular 1
    • Requirements: Above 400 score on TOEFL Paper, or equivalent level of other International English Test, or A1 on TOCFL.
    • Contents: 
      Waiver of the 1st semester tuition and miscellaneous fees.
      Early Bird: 50%OFF for the 1st semester dorm fee.
    • Detailed information about each of scholarships are in accordance with the announcement of the semester.

※Type, requirements, and contents of scholarships targeting at students  are as follows:

  1. Mandarin Learning Achievement Scholarship
    • Requirements: Obtain excellent performance during Mandarin coaching after finishing the first semester.  
    • Contents: 
      If student’s grade advances in TOCFL before the semester starts, they can enjoy the waiver of dorm fee for that semester. The level of TOCFL is in accordance with the regulation issued by Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu.
      This scholarship is only granted in the 2nd, 3rd,and 4th semester.
      Student cannot be granted this and entrance scholarship simultaneously, but they are able to choose the preferential one.
  2. WFU Dedication Scholarship
    • Requirements: Student has to finish the first semester, and their credits earned in the last semester must meet the requirement. Average semester grade must exceed 70.  
    • Contents
      50% off for tuition fee
      Your application for scholarship will be reviewed. The school will provide the quota every semester (2nd to 4th semester) depending on the budget.

聯絡方式 Contact Us

International Cross-Strait Affairs Center

Address: 117, Sec 2, Chiankuo Rd, Minhsiung, Chiayi County 62153, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: +886-5-226-7125 ext.21931, 21932, 21933, 21815

E-mail: iac@wfu.edu.tw

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