2022-2 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Indonesia(Online)

2022 10月印尼臺灣教育中心線上教育展

中國文化大學 Chinese Culture University

學校簡介 About Us

Why Us?

  • High employment rate 90.9% (CCU has over 270,000 Alumni in multiple industries.)
  • Diverse academic programs (13 colleges, 62 undergraduate programs, 42 master programs, and 10 doctoral programs) with abundant library resource (CCU library ranks #5 in greatest collection of books among all Taiwanese Universities )
  • Great international resource (CCU has over 400 sister schools around the world. The number of students participating in overseas exchange student programs ranks #4 in Taiwan.)  
  • 2022 QS Asia University Rankings #401- 450
A variety of scholarships (CCU establishes a wide range of scholarships which total NTD 10,000,000 per year.)

About Us?

Chinese Culture University (CCU) was established in 1962 with the founding missions to carry forward Chinese culture by means of inheriting and developing the academic legacy, wisdoms of past sages, and scientific achievements all over the world. With more than 26,000 students in 62 undergraduate programs, 42 master programs, and 10 doctoral programs, CCU has developed as one of the most prestigious comprehensive universities in Taiwan. CCU has a vast collaboration and network with top universities around the world. Ten percent of our students are international citizens from 40 different countries. CCU received the "National Sustainable Development Award 2014” and “Friendly Campus Award 2015" in Taiwan. CCU also ranks top 10 Taiwanese Universities in literature, law and business areas by Global Views Monthly magazine, and is the 2nd most prolific university regarding students’ participation in competitions and publications of theses. These records have proved that CCU has played a leading role in the academic world.

系所介紹 Academics

International Foundation Program(1 year Chinese + 4 years Bachelor programs): https://reurl.cc/pMa3vd
International Foundation Program Application Handbook: https://reurl.cc/GEnj6G
  1. Department of Textile Engineering
  2. Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  3. Department of Electrical Engineering
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  5. Department of Architecture and Urban Design
  6. Department of Urban Planning and Development Management
  7. Department of Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning
  8. Department of Horticulture and Biotechnology
  9. Department of Animal Science
  10. Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation

General Programs(Bachelor, Master, Doctoral Degree) : https://reurl.cc/LMaWdK
General Programs Application Handbook: https://reurl.cc/Zb4egl
Degree Programs 

Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree Department
A. Programs taught in English
  V V Global business
V V   Earth Science
  V   Graduate Institute of National Development and Mainland China Studies
  V   Biotechnology
V     International Business Administration

Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree Department
B. Programs taught in Chinese
College of Liberal Arts
V V V Philosophy
V V V Chinese Literature (Classic)
    V Chinese Literature (Creative Writing)
V V V History
College of Sciences
    V Applied Mathematics
    V Optoelectric Physics
    V Chemistry
    V Geography
    V Atmosphere Science
V V   Earth Science (Atmospheric Sciences Program)
V V   Earth Science (Geography)
V V   Earth Science (Geology)
    V Geology
    V Life Science
V V   Applied Chemistry
College of Agriculture
    V Horticulture and Biotechnology
    V Animal Science
    V Forestry and Nature conservation
    V Land Resources
  V V Applied Science of Living
  V   Biotechnology
    V Nutrition and Health Sciences
College of International Studies and Foreign Language
  V V Japanese Language and Literature
  V V Korean Language and Literature
    V Russian Language and Literature
    V English Language and Literature
    V French Language and Literature
  V V Global Business
College of Engineering
  V V Chemical & Materials Engineering- Nanomaterials
    V Electrical Engineering
  V V Mechanical Engineering
    V Textile Engineering
  V V Computer Science and Information Engineering
College of Environmental Design
  V V Urban Planning and Development Management
V V V Architectures & Urban Design
  V V Landscape Architecture + Environmental Planning
College of Education
    V Education
  V V Counseling Psychology
College of Arts
  V V Fine Arts
  V V Music
  V V Chinese Music
    V Theatre Arts
    V Chinese Drama
    V Dance
    V Arts and Technology
College of Social Science
V V V Political Science
  V V Economics
  V V Labor and Human Resources – Human Resources Section
  V V Labor and Human Resources – Labor Relations Section
  V V Labor and Human Resources – Occupational Safety and Health
  V V Social Welfare
    V Public Administration Management
V V   National Development and Mainland China Studies
College of Law
V V V Judicial Science Law
V V V Financial and Economic Law
V V V Enterprise and Financial Law
College of Journalism & Communication
  V V Journalism
    V Advertising
  V V Information Communications
    V Mass Communications
College of Business
  V V International Trade
V V V International Business Administration
  V V Accounting
  V V Tourism Management
  V V Information Management
  V V Banking and Finance (Financial Marketing Section)
  V V Banking and Finance (Banking and Finance Section)
  V   Marketing
  V   Aviation MBA
  V   Electronic Commerce
College of Kinesiology and Health
V V   Sport Coaching Science
    V Exercise and Health Promotion
    V Physical Education
    V Combat Sports and Chinese Martial Arts

收費標準 Fees

Year 2022-2023
Tuition Fees:
  • Business Administration: NTD 46,425
  • Liberal Arts, Law, Foreign Languages, Social Science, Education: NTD 45,735
  • Science, Agriculture : NTD 52,950
  • Engineering, Arts, Journalism & Communication, Environmental Design: NTD 53,390
Dormitory fees:
  • NTD 11,700 - NTD 15,700 per semester. The fees DO NOT include winter & summer break.
Other Fees:
  • Group insurance NTD 285
  • International student health insurance NTD 4,956
  • Computer usage fees NTD 750
Language center usage fees NTD 840

獎學金 Scholarships

Scholarship & Assistantship for International Students Study in English Taught Program
  • Tuition fee waiver or assistantship (NTD 27,000 - 31,500 per semester)
Mandarin Enrichment Scholarship
  • Up to NTD 20,000 cash prize.
Outstanding Students Scholarship
  • NTD10,000 cash prize
  • NTD50,000 cash prize.
  • NTD 25,000 Cash prize. Each person can received for 2 years.
華岡獎學金Hwa-Kang Scholarship
  • First Place: NTD 8,000  Second Place: NTD 5,000  Third Place: NTD 2,000

聯絡方式 Contact Us

Office of International and Mainland China Affairs, International Affairs Division
Address: 55, Hwa-Kang Rd., Yang-Ming-Shan, Taipei , Taiwan 11114, R. O. C.
TEL: +886-2-2861-0511 ext.18207
E-mail: iadmission@pccu.edu.tw
Website: https://www.pccu.edu.tw/intl/page/english/index.html
Application Link: https://futurestudent.pccu.edu.tw/article/Applic...NnC