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This is a image Dormitory

Department: International College

  • Purpose: To assist international students to complete the dormitory check-in procedure.
  • Ordinance basis: Asia University Dormitory Regulations。
  • Work outset:On receiving the admission letter, the international students are eligible to apply for the dormitory.
  • Procedure explanation:
    • Complete the dormitory application form and send it back to IC.
    • IC reviews the application documents and forwards the list of the approved applicants to the Department of Student Affairs, Asia University.
    • Once the room assignment is completed, IC will notify the applicants.
    • The Dormitory Service Section will be informed of the international students’ arrival date. After completing the check-in procedure, the international students will be given the keys by the dorm guards. Resident assistant (RA) will then assist them with housing needs.
  • Work Flow:
  • Timing Work Flow


Question What are my choices?
Answer On campus: dormitories contain rooms for 4
Off campus: rental options include a single-room (a single room without bath) or a studio (a single room with bath).
Question Rental fees?
Answer On campus: room for 4: NTD 13,000 per semester
Off campus :single room: approx. NTD 3000-4500/month studio: approx. NTD 4000-6000/month
Note: the prices above are for reference only. For related housing information, check the university’s housing services department.
Question How do students apply for dormitory rooms?
Answer During the semester: foreign students have priority and can apply for rooms with the housing services department within the allotted period of time.
During the summer: each year at the beginning of March.
Question How do exchange students apply for dormitory rooms?
Answer If exchange students would like to stay in dorm rooms, they must fill out the application form and submit it to the housing services department.
Question Do I need to apply for dormitory during summer and winter holiday?
Answer Boarding during summer and winter holiday requires another application and payment.
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Regarding Academic Affairs

Question When can I register for the courses of the new semester?
Answer The Academic Affairs office makes an announcement of the course registration schedule at the end of each semester. Students should just follow the schedule.
Question Where can I apply for certificate of study and transcript?
Answer One can apply for these documents at Academic Affairs Office.
Question Does the school offer any financial sponsorship for the student’s participation in international conference?
Answer One should apply for National Science Council’s, NSC, and support first. Once being rejected, then one can apply to the office of research and development for Asia University’s financial support.
Question How do I apply for leave and drop-out from school?
Answer Please go to apply at the Academic Affairs Office. The application should be complete at least one week in advance.

Regarding Health, Insurance & Medical Care

Question Must I join national health insurance, NHI? Is it mandatory?
Answer Yes, the current “national health insurance act” regulates that NHI is mandatory for the international students staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months and holding Alien Residence Certificate, ARC.
Question When does the NHI coverage begin?
Answer It depends on the date of issue of one’s ARC. No matter if the application procedure for NHI is completed or not, one will be covered after possessing the ARC for 6 months.
Question How much do I have to pay for NHI?
Answer The monthly fee is NTD749. You should make the payment for the whole semester, 6 months, at the Cashier while registering for the new semester to complete the registration process.
Question Do I, with NHI, still need to make any payment while visiting the doctor?
Answer Yes, you do. The benefit package of NHI does not include everything. For each visit, you still need to pay for the copayment. Besides, extra fee will be charged for special treatment and medicine.
Question Do we have any other insurance except NHI?
Answer Yes, students insurance. This insurance covers your hospitalization and accident cases. If you have the need, consult the Sanitary and Health Caring Center, Academic Affairs Office.

Regarding Opening a Bank Account

Question Can I open a saving account in Taiwan?
Answer A.Opening a bank account in Taiwan, requirements:
(1) Age 20 and Over
(2) Passport
(3) ARC
(4) Deposit NTD1000
The Cathay bank staff comes to School every Thursday morning at 10:00~12:00AM at cashier section in general affairs office.

B.If you are under age 20, you can open an account at Post Office, requirements:
(1) Passport
(2) ARC
(3) Deposit NTD10
(4) Full Name Stamp
Question What do I need to prepare for applying for a bank account?
Answer NTD1,000 and a clear copy of the following documents or certificates: passport, visa, both sides of student ID and both sides of ARC.

Regarding Scholarship

Question When and where can I get the monthly stipend?
Answer On the 20th of each month, visit us at the office to sign for the receipt of the stipend of the coming month. If you once submit a copy of your bankbook to us, then the stipend will be deposited to the account directly around the 10th. Otherwise, you can go to the Cashier to get cash.
Question Do I still get monthly stipend during summer and winter vacation?
Answer Yes, you do.


Question Where can I get my postal letters and packages?
Answer It is the General Affairs Office. Once the General Affairs Office receives your letter or package, they will notify you either by email or phone call.
Question Where should I go for extending my ARC?
Answer You should go to the Immigration Agency. To get there, take bus100 to Taichung Train Station then transfer to bus75 or bus81. Get off at “ Li Ming Xin Cun” stop. The bus ride will take you at least 1.5 hours.
Question My family would love to visit me here. To apply for visa, we need an invitation letter from the school. How can I apply for it?
Answer You can apply for the invitation letter at the International College. A copy of your family’s valid passport will be required. The work will take 2 working days.

Bus Information

Question How do I get to Taichung Park/ Chung Yo Department Store/Yi Chung Street/China Medical University Hospital?
Answer Take Bus No.201 from Asia University.
Question How do I get to Feng Chia Night Market?
Answer Take Bus No. 201 from Asia University to Taichung train station than transfer to U Bus No.25/ 125; Taichung Bus No. 8/29/33/35.
Question How do I get to Taichung High Speed Rail Station/Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store/ Taichung City Hall?
Answer Take Bus No.151 from Asia University.
Question How do I get to Sun Moon Lake?
Answer Take Bus No. 201 from Asia University to Taichung train station than transfer to Nantou Bus-Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Bus.