Taiwan Brings 47 Universities to Hold Virtual Higher Education Exhibition

  • 2022-03-13
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Through the Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya (TECSID) and Asia University, the Taiwan government held a higher education exhibition for two days, from Saturday 12 March 2022 to Sunday 13 March 2022. By cooperating with 47 universities throughout Taiwan, this exhibition is expected to provide comprehensive information about higher education in Taiwan.

In her speech, Nicole Yen Yi-Lee, Director General of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, said that the Taiwanese government provides opportunities for lecturers in Indonesia to continue their studies in Taiwan through the ESIT (Elite Study in Taiwan) scholarship program. They also provide opportunities for Indonesian students to study Mandarin through the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship program.

On the same occasion, Dean Shiang-Lin, Director of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) Surabaya, said that Indonesian students in Taiwan increase every year. There are 13 thousand Indonesian students currently studying in Taiwan, proving that Taiwan is one of the favorites for students from Indonesia to continue their education.

This exhibition was held virtually where all campus representatives were in their respective places. This method is considered an effective strategy to deal with the ongoing spread of Covid-19. This exhibition also provides a different experience for visitors by presenting a virtual booth where visitors can visit booths from all campuses participating in this exhibition in 3-dimensional form.

In his introduction, Prof. Nizam, Director General of Higher Education, Cultural, Research and Technology of Republic Indonesia, explained that universities must remain relevant to the industrial revolution 4.0 and prepare students with adaptive abilities, digital literacy, and multidisciplinary competencies. Nizam expressed his hope that cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia can be further strengthened and established through international academic cooperation and student exchange programs to support this vision. In industrial revolution 4.0, many jobs will be replaced by robots and automation, so inevitably improving the quality of human resources is a choice that must be taken. With its technological advances, Taiwan offers opportunities through education for Indonesian students to learn about these advances, which are expected to help develop Indonesia.